Food at The Red Lion at Désertines

The perfect place for food in rural France.

The restaurant

Chicken Salad4.50 €
 strips of hot chicken breast served with a salad garnish
Lion salad5.50 €
 green salad with tomato and fried bacon strips drizzled with garlic and balsamic dressing
Cheesy nachos4.00 €
 a plate of nachos coated in melted cheese served with dips
Chicken wings4.50 €
 with barbecue sauce
Whitebait4.50 €
 with green salad and tartar sauce
Battered cod9.50 €
 with chips
Battered haddock8.50 €
 with chips
Breaded plaice8.00 €
 with chips
Scampi8.00 €
 with a green salad and chips
Salmon fillet9.00 €
 poached or pan fried with butter sauce and chips
Cottage pie8.50 €
 made in house using Quorn mince and fresh veg
Toad in the hole7.50 €
 8-inch Yorkshire pudding filled with 2 Quorn sausages, mash, veggie onion gravy, served with peas
Vegetarian burger6.50 €
 served in a bap with salad and chips
Vegetarian lasagne8.50 €
 served with salad or chips
Omelette6.00 €
 plain, served with chips
 others cooked to order
Bangers and mash6.50 €
 3 Quorn sausages with mash, vegetarian onion gravy and peas
Steak & Burgers
Steak (rump, entrecote or faux filet)11.00 €
 served with salad and chips - choice of sauces
Gourmet British burgers (100% beef)
- Medium (170g)7.00 €
- Mega burger (2 x 170g)9.50 €
 served with chips and salad
Extra bacon, fried egg or cheese1.00 €
Pies & Pastry
Cottage pie9.00 €
 large home-made pie with 100% beef, horseradish sauce potato topping and fresh veg
Chicken, ham and leek pie8.00 €
 made in house with only fresh products, with chips
Steak and Guinness pie8.00 €
 home-made with fresh ingredients, served with chips
Steak and kidney pudding8.00 €
Toad in the hole, Lion-style7.50 €
 8-inch Yorkshire pudding filled with 2 meaty sausages and mash, covered with onion gravy and served with peas
Old Favorites
Gammon, egg and chips8.00 €
 grilled, topped with 2 eggs, served with chips
Sausages and mash6.50 €
 with onion gravy and peas
Mixed grill11.00 €
 pork chop, rump steak, sausage, bacon, fried onion, fried egg, mushrooms, grilled tomato, served with chips
Turkey steak8.00 €
 generous slice of turkey breast with creamy mushroom sauce and chips
Curry7.50 €
 various home-made curries, with rice or chips
Margherita7.50 €
 tomato, mozzarella, basil
Cheese8.50 €
 tomato, onions, mixed cheese
Pepperoni8.75 €
 tomato, pepperoni sausage, cheese
Mushroom8.00 €
 tomato, mushrooms, cheese
Chicken Tikka9.50 €
 chicken tikka, spicy tomato, cheese
Vegetarian8.50 €
 tomato, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese
 Eat in or take away
Full English breakfast7.00 €
 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 hash browns, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms with toast or fried bread
Full Vegetarian breakfast7.00 €
 2 Quorn sausages, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms with toast
Small breakfast4.75 €
 1 bacon, 1 egg, 1 sausage, 1 hash brown, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms with toast or fried bread
Extra items
 mushrooms1.50 €
 fried egg1.50 €
 poached egg1.25 €
 scrambled egg3.00 €
 sausage2.00 €
 bacon1.00 €
 beans1.00 €
 chips2.50 €
 2 slices of toast1.00 €
Ice cream - large3.50 €
 3 scoops of your choice with assorted dressings
Ice cream - small2.50 €
 2 scoops of your choice with assorted dressings
Ice cream cornet1.20 €
 1 scoop of your choice
Chocolate fondant4.50 €
 with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chantilly cream
Crème brulée4.50 €
Tarte Tatin4.00 €
Chocolate sponge*4.00 €
Treacle sponge*4.00 €
Sticky toffee pudding*4.00 €
Jam roly-poly*4.50 €
Spotted dick*4.00 €
Crumble*4.00 €
 *served with cream or custard

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